Monday, December 16, 2013

yes sir, yes sir 3 skeins full

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I would be making wool dryer balls this past weekend. Don't be jealous, my weekend was that good. I had this leftover yarn from an abandoned felted Easter basket I was going to make. The yarn was relatively inexpensive and since I bought it several years ago, it seemed like it was free! I never did like the colors. Back when I was going to do this project, I didn't really know where to buy good wool yarn. The stores (ok store, as in 1) around here only sell cotton and acrylic. And by store, I mean Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the only store around here that sells ANY yarn.  I have to drive at least an hour to get to a store that sells more. When I finally found some, I snatched it up even though the colors weren't ideal. Then I abandoned the project because I didn't love it. Frogged it, stored it, moved on... until now.

So I fired up the Walking Dead and got to balling. Walking Dead is the perfect show for knitting and balling. If you can't take all the violence, you can look down at your craft until it's done.

I balled up 5 balls worth and laced 2 with lavender and 2 with peppermint 100% essential oil in the middle. They still smell and smell gooood. If you go this route, use a quality 100% oil so it doesn't stain your clothes. I used Spark Naturals.

I didn't have any pantyhose that I wanted to sacrifice - actually I wear tights so I didn't have any tights I wanted to sacrifice- so I put them in lingerie bags and tied them off with hemp string so they wouldn't felt together. You could also tie it with some other yarn that doesn't felt.

The instructions I originally read said to run the balls through hot water all the way through the cycle. If you've ever felted, you know that you don't want to go to the spin cycle. It wouldn't have mattered the 2nd time through but the 1st time through, 2 of my balls started unraveling because I let it go through the spin cycle. It was no big deal, I just cut off that part and let them go through again. I did it with a load of towels each time. No water waste here.

Now, I have a lovely set of dryer balls that will not only add a lovely scent to my clothes but should prevent static cling.

Next, my superwash wool for the hats I'm going to make came in the mail. I forgot to click the box to request that the store ball it for me so I had more balling than I bargained for this weekend. No matter, it's done and one hat is casted on.

But there was more to our weekend. The kind of lazy days I was craving...

The boy and I were in the Christmas parade for the Cub Scouts.

There was napping...

Well, how do you stay warm?

And doggie walks in our PJs...

Hope your weekend was as wonderful.

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