Monday, January 6, 2014

50000!! we did it. with a bonus.

I can't believe it but I got 50,000 steps Saturday!! I thought it would be around 45,000 but at dinner I looked at my fitbit and I had like 48,800 so I knew I had to go for it. I was already extremely tired, achy, and cold but I had to do it. So, we took a lap around the shopping center where we ate. I took the the long way around when I stopped for a potty break on the way home. And finally, I had a little bit left when I got home so I took one doggie for a short walk. I over shot it a little bit as we weren't quite home from the walk but whoot there-it-is!

I seem to be the queen of crappy pictures lately.

I really wanted to get 50,000 before the year's end but realized after my 45,000 step day in October that I still had more work to do to get to that point. That 45,000 step day was about 4 miles too long, heheh. BUT, 50,000 is a great way to start the year. Saturday felt like it was about 2-3 miles too long so that's an improvement.

The next section of the Silver Comet Trail will be about 14 or 15 miles. Again, we'll be scheduling that for 4-6 weeks out. We should have the trail complete in 2 more trips. Then we'll have 2 more trips to continue the trail across the border in Alabama on the Chief Ladiga Trail. That's about 33 miles. When all is said and done? A total of 94 miles.

I'm looking forward to it with joyous anticipation.

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