Monday, January 13, 2014

i ❤ winter

Much to do about nothing but this is this blog's 300th post. Weee!

I really do love winter. I have to admit that last week I was less appreciative of the winter when it was 1º. That was tough. I think most of us southerners prefer our winters not to dip below the 30s. Very thankful it didn't get as cold as it did up North. I might have just hunkered under several layers of comforters and hibernated.

The bitter cold only lasted 2 days and although my love didn't waver, I was very thankful for the return of 'regular' winter around here. The 30s and 40s feel so balmy comparatively so.

We enjoyed this weekend in many ways. One included taking the kids to an all ages show of Abbey Road Live, a Beatles cover band. They were awesome. They played Abbey Road from the first song to the last and then they took requests for the 2nd half of  the show. Good, good stuff.

We were a little early so the kids entertained themselves with some selfies. I entertained myself by photo bombing them.

My steps have been lacking...mostly because I keep forgetting my fitbit. After wearing it everyday since I got it, you would think it's quite the habit. BUT as of late, I keep misplacing it. Steps don't count unless their tracked, right? Heheh.

Anywho, this morning's walk was sublime. I love the views the bare woods afford, the lack of spiderwebs, clear paths with naturally composting leaves, the birds, and the wet streams (that are usually dry in the summer).

This morning was no exception. I enjoyed a lovely 4 mile hike and tried out my new meditation app in a streamy, dreamy, rocky, fairyland.

A great place to try the Fast Break meditation app. There's a stream that's not always there and plenty of rocks to sit or lie on.

Feeling good and having to return to my work day, I came home and made a small pot of green tea and a snack. Feeling content.

Looks like my next section of the Silver Comet Trail will be hiked with my friend at the end of February. I'm going to be more prepared this time- like never before. I'm thinking of doing a marathon training schedule but with walking.

In other news, I'm really excited for the next 5% challenge (lose 5% of my current weight) starting January 18th. Heeyyy 5 percenters! Let's rock it. Let's all rock it, whatever it is we're doing.

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