Wednesday, January 15, 2014

on a roll

On a roll...or at least trying to work off that roll. Yesterday I got my 2000 mile badge and later that day I got my UFO badge. I've climbed 14,000 flights of stairs.

It's been so long since I've received a badge and now I'm getting a bunch at once. Which means it will be a long while again. I can shoot for the most flights of stairs in one day next. I guess that's feasible. Right now, my record is 200 flights in one day. The next badge is 300 flights. I think I mentioned that as a goal a month or two ago so I guess it's time to revisit that notion.

By the way, have you heard about the fitbit force problems? Eeeegad. Apparently, a lot of force (the wristband) users are breaking out in horrible rashes after 2 or 3 charges. I hope the people can recover easy enough AND I hope fitbit can find the problem and recover from the hit. I really like their company. And I love my fitbit, although thankful I didn't upgrade to the force, tempting as it was. My skin's so sensitive that even thinking about any kind of metal alloy or other skin irritation (they're not sure of the cause yet) is enough to make me break out.

Anywho, this morning was more great hiking weather. The snow was coming down really hard and we had a light dusting everywhere. Enough to linger on the trees. I love how that looks. It reminds of my favorite Ansel Adams photograph. Sadly though, it was all gone by the end of our hike. It was gorgeous!

Wonder boy wanting the snow to stick SO bad.

Another beautiful day!

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