Tuesday, March 18, 2014

recapping and mapping

It's been crazy, busy. I mean if running around like a maniac counted as exercise, I'm #1 on the leader board. Unfortunately the "maniac part," means I was stressed. I organized a talent show and live baked goods auction...which doesn't sound so bad... but think about the deadlines that nobody cared about and the calls I got up until the night before and you can imagine how stressed I got. Programs people! Trying to organize the actual show, with another emcee, judges, and an auctioneer that needed to know what was going on too. OH! and awards! I need to get those ordered. AND? And, I have a full-time job.

But. It's all good. I'm not complaining. It's all for the kids, teachers, and we raised a good little bit for the PTO while we were at it.

Paddles for the auction.

Programs (people)!

Thank you gifts for the judges.

We followed that with the cub scouts' rain boat regatta last night.

Wonder Boy's boat.

All good fun. I'm ready for Spring Break. I need some downtime. We have one hike scheduled but for the most part we're going to keep it low key.

Yesterday, I had my quarterly appointment with my doc. Everything was mostly good. My tryglycerides are still high but my bad cholesterol is in range. My HDL could be a little higher. My liver, kidneys, sugars, and blood counts are great. My B12 and D are low. She also informed me I'm not getting enough protein. We talked about some actions and habits I can start right away. And I did.

Today, I started off with an egg, half of a grilled avocado, and a coffee with steamed milk and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Oh, and a rose. My dear sweet friend presented me with a beautiful flower at the talent show Saturday. Isn't it gorg?!

Yeah so, my doctor says I need 70g of protein per day for my ideal weight. My vitamin D has been low for sometime. I get out in the sun every day so I still have to supplement. I've been taking that Maximum D3 twice a week. I think I'm going to lower the dosage per capsule and start taking it every day. I was on B12 a couple of years ago but recovered pretty quickly and stopped taking it. She gave me some pointers on how to maintain that after I recover from the lull.

None of this is a surprise to me. Our conversations fall along these lines during each visit. The good news is that she says something a little differently or I ask a question that sheds a different light on the answers and BAM, a little light bulb goes off in my head.

And finally, are you still with me? I'm finally addressing my hurt shoulder. I've been treating it with home remedies and anti-inflammatories but I think it's time for the orthopedic. I'm dreading this because I have a feeling it's going to need an MRI. Although my insurance is good in a catastrophe (which that's what it's for), the little things add up with my enormous deductible.

Some goals:
Work on getting protein (not just from animal protein, by golly!)
Work out a different vitamin supplement plan
Walk on a more consistent DAILY basis
WATER! I've been going to bed very thirsty lately.

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